Monday, March 24, 2014


First Nose Cold!


This week was a really good week, besides the fact that I have a terrible cold, and I look like Rudolph. Also, I have no learned that missionary work stops for nothing, even a super runny nose, and an obnoxious cough. Just know missionaries are working working working, ALWAYS! I love this work, and I am so grateful!
We have an investigator named Flor who is getting ready to be baptized, and I love her with all of my heart. She is such an amazing lady. Her husband recently left her, and she is all alone with her son, but she is finding the Lord through her trials, and I look up to her so much for that.
We had zone conference this week, and we had the chance to see the Mission President and his wife again. They are so lovely. Seriously, I am so blessed. I love them, and I am so grateful for their example. AND they speak English. hahaha. That helps.
Not much happened this week, but I love the mission, and I am so happy that I am a missionary. There is no greater work, and I feel so close to my Savior and my Heavenly Father always.

There is this great joy that comes with missionary work that is undescribable, and it is something I am so happy I get to experience.
I have such a strong testimony of this gospel. This lady we met started preaching about how wrong we are to preach and how our religion is false. But in that moment, I felt so much peace in my heart, and a conformation from my Heavenly Father that what we are doing IS right.
I know this church is true. If I didn´t know that with every fiber of my being, I wouldn´t be here.
I love you all, and am forever grateful for your kind words and support.
Love, Hermana Watt

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