Tuesday, July 29, 2014


This week was a really good week! We found 7 new investigators, and even though 4 of them changed their minds, we have 3 super good people, and we are really praying for their progress. In the meantime, we are really working hard with the less active families, and this Sunday, we had 3 less active families come back to church who havent been in YEARS. The bishop of the ward came up to us after and told us that it is okay that we havent had a baptism yet, because we have changed the life of 3 families, and to keep working hard. We are seeing miracles here in the Sweet Village! 

The longer I am here in Chile, the more I just want to stay forever. I love the people here. Their kindness is beyond words, and there are some people we find and talk to who are just so humble. I love the mission, and the experiences that come with helping people come unto Christ. 

This week we had another general authority come who is from Chile. Him and his wife spoke about the importance of serving, and serving with all you have, especially your heart. (Thats what I got out of it at least (: ) I realized that we can ALL do that, in everything that we do. We are ALL disciples of Christ and have this great responsibility. What an honor! We are more than just people, we are choice sons and daughters of God we have been saved for these times to "bring the world His truth". That is the responsibility of EACH one of us. Invite your friends, family, and EVERYONE you know to come follow Christ. He WILL bless you for serving with ALL your heart. 


Hermana Watt


Is Kam going to the dogs?

Hermana Burwasser & Hermana Watt

Kam's apartment is next to the church

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

WEEK 25: HELLO from the Sweet Village!

 My area is called Villa Dulce which means Sweet Village! So here we are (:
This week we went to a stake activity where they had the youth prepare to be real missionaries. They were at the "MTC" in the morning, and then in the afternoon, they split up and went with us to do contacting! It was super fun. Thank goodness I can finally get my way around in Spanish because the companionship I took only spoke Spanish, obviously! It was a BLAST and I learned so much from those young missionaries.

We contacted this one lady who talked a TON about how much she loves her dog, then she went on to tell us about her son and then her husband who had passed away. I finally got the chance to bring up a gospel point by telling her that families can be together forever... then she proceeded to tell me that she doesnt want to be with him for eternity. Lets just say that plan backfired! Shoot.

I am loving this area here with Hermana Burwasser. SHE IS HILARIOUS and it makes the mission that much better. We are working hard to FIND FIND FIND. These souls are in pretty good hiding! Ill tell you that much. But we are really starting to see some of the blessings of talking to everyone.

The ward here is amazing and SUPER supportive. I am really glad that they are so sweet to us. It helps me feel like I have family here too. It is such a neat experience to be here in the mission!

Also, the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me on my mission happened this week. We were getting on the micro (one of the public buses) and while I was trying to pay, the driver stepped on the gas, and I totally fell down. We already draw attention as Americans, but now we were just clumsy americans!

Thats all this week!
Love, Hermana Watt


Hermana Watt & Hermana Burwasser

4th of July goodies from her Mama

At a Ward Young Women Missionary activity

Kam and her investigator

Sister Watt and Sister Burwasser having a good laugh!

The Hermana's in the zone.  Kam and Hermana Burwasser. Kam's a giant in Chile.   (except when she is with Herman Burwasser)

Kam making muddie buddies.  Look how short the counters are!!!  No wonder Kam feels like a giant in Chile!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WEEK 24: HELLO! FROM KAMRYN aka Britany Spears!!!!

I wish that I could say that it was a graceful experience getting to this computer place, but it was everything but that! But I am here, and I am so grateful that one computer place opens even when it is raining!

This week was a good week! We are spending most of our time searching for new people, and I have definitely seen the Lords hand in all things here in this area. I realized that what we want and what the Lord has planned are usually two totally different things. We are finding people, but it is slower than I had hoped! Opening an area is hard, but I know that the Lord has people here who are ready, we just need to find them!

Hermana Burwasser and I were walking and this group of punks came up behind us and started saying "Hey Britney come talk to us Britney!" We turned to look at them and contacted them and they kept telling me they thought I was Briteny Spears. The best part is that the only thing we have in common is that I have blonde hair. Then when we started walking away, they all were like "CHAO BRITNEY!!!!"

So from now on Im going by Britneyour

Hermana Watt


Herman Burwasser and Hermana Watt

Monday, July 7, 2014


Now I wont lie, the downfall of going to a different country on your mission is that they don't celebrate the same holidays as you. So when fourth of July comes around, there arent any hotdogs or fireworks, just your district leader trying really hard to sing the star spangled banner to make you feel more at home. (; (The photo attached is how I spent MY 4th of July)

My new area is HUGE. We are SO blessed to have SO much to work with. There are a lot of hills though! But it is a blessing because my calves are going to be friggin SWEET. I would have rocked it as a pioneer. We are working really hard on just finding, finding, finding. We are opening this area, so we dont have a ton to work with, but I am so excited to work with my new companion, Hermana Burwasser. She is super funny! We are both super new in the mission, and we both barely speak spanish, but we have been super blessed to get around and learn! The ward here is SO great, and they help us a ton! We are definately in good hands!

This week we met a lady that is in her 90s or so, and she was running around her yard trying to find her pet turtle. We asked her if she needed any help, and right then she found it and started telling us this huge story about her and her turtle. She is adorable, and we have an appointment with her this week! We are stoked. 

That is about all this week! You are all in my prayers ALWAYS!
Cuidese mucho!!!

con todo el amor en mi corazon, 
Hermana Watt


How Kamryn celebrated July 4th

The turtle lady

This is Kam's mtc group when they were right out of the mtc.  Her new comp, Hermana Burwasser is the third from the right next to the hermana in the yellow sweater 

Goodbye Valapariso!, Watt's to drink, Goodbye Hermana Lopez! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014



For starters, I only have 30 minutes to write this week, so I want to apologize for not writing any of you personally, but you will understand why in a minute!
Last Monday after our Pday, our President called and told my companion, Hermana Lopez, that he needed her to change areas. Now usually we have changes every month and a half, and when it is just a change in the middle of that, we call them "emergency changes". So that is what this was. He told her he needed her to pack and leave first thing in the morning to a new area.

So we said our goodbyes, and on Tuesday, I got my new companion. Her name is Hermana Nichols, and she is from Utah too! She lives close to Orem. So this week has been so fun getting to know her, and also when we come home for the night, we talk in English. (Dont worry, we talk in spanish the WHOLE day). The good part was that she already knew the memebers and the area, because this was her first area in the mission, then she came back! Which usually never happens, but it was so cool to see how many members she had such an impact on. She is SO great.

Then on Thursday, we had an interview with Fresia for her baptism, and she PASSED! Wahoo. It was SUCH a blessing for us. So we scheduled her baptism for the 29th of June. We were SO excited to help her make this promise with her Heavenly Father, and not only that, it was so hard to help her to this point because of her memory, but with MANY prayers and fasting she was finally making this step in her life. Also, this day we visited Alejandra, one of our young investigators with the baby. She said that she felt like God really wanted her to move out of her boyfriends house, and asked us if we could help her move on Saturday. We were SO happy for her and said YES of course! She is a golden investigator, seriously. And because she wouldnt be living with her boyfriend anymore, that meant that she could be baptized. So we set a date with her for the 6th of July. We were feeling SO blessed!

On Friday morning, Our president called and told us that there was going to be an "emergency change" AGAIN. He said that he needed me to move to a different area. But, because he is the best president ever, he said he was going to wait until after our baptism with Fresia to change us. My heart was a little broken, because I have been in this area for ALL of my mission. My family is here with these people! How could I leave? And not only that, Alejandra was going to be baptized the next week, and she is an investigator SO special to me.

So we talked with our zone leaders to see if there was any way we could baptize Alejandra this Saturday because we were already going to be having a service. They said that it wasn't really possible, because she needs to be living away from her boyfriend for a least a week, but they said they would ask for us anyway.

Later that day they called with the BEST news EVER! Alejandra was going to be baptized before I left!!!!

On Saturday we helped Alejandra move, and ALL of the ward piched in. It was such a great example of service.

On Sunday we had BOTH baptisms and they were BEAUTIFUL. I was crying the whole time. Especially because of the faith of Alejandra.
And now, I am off to my new area!

I love you all, thank you for your support!

Hermana Watt

NOTE FROM AMBER:  Kam let me know today that she was part of what is called an emergency transfer.  Her new companion is Hermana Burrwasser. They are part of opening a brand new area.  She is so excited to be part of it. 

Her new area is Recreo.  See pictures below.

Herman Watt and Hermana Burrwasser when they were in the MTC


Alajandra, Hermana Watt and Hermana Nichols

Sister Watt, Fresia and Sister Nichols