Tuesday, July 29, 2014


This week was a really good week! We found 7 new investigators, and even though 4 of them changed their minds, we have 3 super good people, and we are really praying for their progress. In the meantime, we are really working hard with the less active families, and this Sunday, we had 3 less active families come back to church who havent been in YEARS. The bishop of the ward came up to us after and told us that it is okay that we havent had a baptism yet, because we have changed the life of 3 families, and to keep working hard. We are seeing miracles here in the Sweet Village! 

The longer I am here in Chile, the more I just want to stay forever. I love the people here. Their kindness is beyond words, and there are some people we find and talk to who are just so humble. I love the mission, and the experiences that come with helping people come unto Christ. 

This week we had another general authority come who is from Chile. Him and his wife spoke about the importance of serving, and serving with all you have, especially your heart. (Thats what I got out of it at least (: ) I realized that we can ALL do that, in everything that we do. We are ALL disciples of Christ and have this great responsibility. What an honor! We are more than just people, we are choice sons and daughters of God we have been saved for these times to "bring the world His truth". That is the responsibility of EACH one of us. Invite your friends, family, and EVERYONE you know to come follow Christ. He WILL bless you for serving with ALL your heart. 


Hermana Watt


Is Kam going to the dogs?

Hermana Burwasser & Hermana Watt

Kam's apartment is next to the church

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