Monday, July 7, 2014


Now I wont lie, the downfall of going to a different country on your mission is that they don't celebrate the same holidays as you. So when fourth of July comes around, there arent any hotdogs or fireworks, just your district leader trying really hard to sing the star spangled banner to make you feel more at home. (; (The photo attached is how I spent MY 4th of July)

My new area is HUGE. We are SO blessed to have SO much to work with. There are a lot of hills though! But it is a blessing because my calves are going to be friggin SWEET. I would have rocked it as a pioneer. We are working really hard on just finding, finding, finding. We are opening this area, so we dont have a ton to work with, but I am so excited to work with my new companion, Hermana Burwasser. She is super funny! We are both super new in the mission, and we both barely speak spanish, but we have been super blessed to get around and learn! The ward here is SO great, and they help us a ton! We are definately in good hands!

This week we met a lady that is in her 90s or so, and she was running around her yard trying to find her pet turtle. We asked her if she needed any help, and right then she found it and started telling us this huge story about her and her turtle. She is adorable, and we have an appointment with her this week! We are stoked. 

That is about all this week! You are all in my prayers ALWAYS!
Cuidese mucho!!!

con todo el amor en mi corazon, 
Hermana Watt


How Kamryn celebrated July 4th

The turtle lady

This is Kam's mtc group when they were right out of the mtc.  Her new comp, Hermana Burwasser is the third from the right next to the hermana in the yellow sweater 

Goodbye Valapariso!, Watt's to drink, Goodbye Hermana Lopez! 

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