Tuesday, July 22, 2014

WEEK 25: HELLO from the Sweet Village!

 My area is called Villa Dulce which means Sweet Village! So here we are (:
This week we went to a stake activity where they had the youth prepare to be real missionaries. They were at the "MTC" in the morning, and then in the afternoon, they split up and went with us to do contacting! It was super fun. Thank goodness I can finally get my way around in Spanish because the companionship I took only spoke Spanish, obviously! It was a BLAST and I learned so much from those young missionaries.

We contacted this one lady who talked a TON about how much she loves her dog, then she went on to tell us about her son and then her husband who had passed away. I finally got the chance to bring up a gospel point by telling her that families can be together forever... then she proceeded to tell me that she doesnt want to be with him for eternity. Lets just say that plan backfired! Shoot.

I am loving this area here with Hermana Burwasser. SHE IS HILARIOUS and it makes the mission that much better. We are working hard to FIND FIND FIND. These souls are in pretty good hiding! Ill tell you that much. But we are really starting to see some of the blessings of talking to everyone.

The ward here is amazing and SUPER supportive. I am really glad that they are so sweet to us. It helps me feel like I have family here too. It is such a neat experience to be here in the mission!

Also, the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me on my mission happened this week. We were getting on the micro (one of the public buses) and while I was trying to pay, the driver stepped on the gas, and I totally fell down. We already draw attention as Americans, but now we were just clumsy americans!

Thats all this week!
Love, Hermana Watt


Hermana Watt & Hermana Burwasser

4th of July goodies from her Mama

At a Ward Young Women Missionary activity

Kam and her investigator

Sister Watt and Sister Burwasser having a good laugh!

The Hermana's in the zone.  Kam and Hermana Burwasser. Kam's a giant in Chile.   (except when she is with Herman Burwasser)

Kam making muddie buddies.  Look how short the counters are!!!  No wonder Kam feels like a giant in Chile!

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