Monday, May 12, 2014


This week was so great! Especially yesterday. Hermana Lopez and I had a baptism! It was my first, and seriously one of the most amazing experiences in the world! I wish I could describe the feeling, but there aren´t even words.
Flor was baptized, and her whole famiy came. It was amazing to see how many people were there to support her. None of them are members... YET! (; hahaha. But it really was so neat to see someone make the decsion to come unto Christ. When I saw her be baptized, I wished that I could be baptized again, but then I remember that we have that opportunity every Sunday when we partake of the sacrament (: What a blessing it is!

Also, I had the chance to talk to my beautiful mama, and I feel so blessed to have such an amazing and supportive family. The Lord is really watching over me (:
This week we were knocking on doors trying to find new investigators and a man answered the door. I started to talk to Him in Spanish, then after I introduced us and told him that we have a message about Christ, He looked at me and said, I dont speak English, so I cant talk to you. Then I started laughing because I totally was talking to him in Spanish! What a punk. I need to work on my spanish pronounciation for sure. But still!
Also, we are still meeting with our investigator Alejandra who found us. She and her boyfriend are both listening to our message, and BOTH want to be baptized! They just need to get married first. haha. So we are working really hard with them! And they have the sweetest baby ever!

I love my area, and I hope that I stay here forever. I am finally comfortable, which means next change I am probably changing areas. hahaha.
Oh how I love you all and I am so thankful for your examples.
Love, Hermana Watt


Hermana Watt, Flor, Hermana Lopez


Kam loves kids and they love her!

Talking on Skype

The missionaries are allowed to Skype their families on Mother's day and Christmas!  We got to talk to Kamryn and see her too!  She looks so happy and sounds so excited about her mission.  She told us about her daily schedule.  They get up at 7:00 a.m. and exercise, eat breakfast, individual scripture study and then she studies with her companion for two hours a day and then they are ready for the day!  If only I was that  disciplined!

She told us about the poverty of the people and the area she is serving in.  She said she loved the people so much.  

She spoke to us in Spanish and you can tell she is getting comfortable in the language.  She said the people speak so fast there.  As a matter of fact, Chile has the fastest Spanish speaking people!  She said she speaks Spanish with an American accent!  She also bore her testimony in Spanish.  

She spoke about the fire clean-up and how devastating it was.  She said it was very sad and humbling picking up bits and pieces of the people's homes and belongings.  She said the fire was a very scary thing for her because she could see flames all over the place and she told us about their first baptism, Flor.  

It was so great to see her happy, smiling face and to know she is happy in her service to the Lord and the people of Chile.

Kam on Skype on Mother's day

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