Sunday, February 22, 2015


"I NEED to know your favorite hymn!!! I am dying to know. Please respond and tell me (:"

If you want to respond to her question, go ahead and post to my email and I will include here.  I'll go ahead and post mine.

Gma:  I have so many favorite hymns but I love "Lord, I Would Follow Thee", "Because I Have Been Given Much", and How Great Thou Art!"

You will notice that the blog hasn't had much to say and that is because Kamryn has been so much busier now that she is in a leadership position.  She has many more responsibilities and is writing weekly reports to the President.

Kamryn (with her Mission President's permission) is also getting ready to attend college shortly after she gets home from her mission.  There is a lot to get that all set up including emails and phone calls.  Amber and Kevin are helping as much as they can but a lot of has to been done my Kam. 

Kamryn wants to go into Social Work and there have been many calls back and forth on getting her application in before the deadline early in March.  They have assured her application will be accepted as on time.

I am including some things from Amber's last email conversation with Hermana Watt:

"My new companion is Hermana Morris. I think the President
received last minute revelation, because I am not training. 
But, I am so thankful that i am not. Hermana Morris was in my 
district in the MTC. She is super awesome, and I love being her
companion. She is whipping me into shape, both physically and spiritually. She is tough, but she is teaching me everything
that the Lord wants me to know."  (picture of Sister Morris below)

Kamryn has been a trainer since she she was out only three months.  It is interesting how the Lord provides us those "Tender Mercies".

Scripture cover that someone made for Kam

Look at the last name of this Society!!

A garage or yard sale in Chile

Her District Leadership Conference and getting to see old companions.


Herman Watt and Hermana Morris

I love you necklace!

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