Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 76: Baptism, New Mission President

For starters, I just want to let you all know that I got to see fireworks on the fourth of July too! Didn´t miss a thing! As you may know, we have a new mission president, who happens to love football, and gave all the missionaries permission to see the "Copa America" which is a soccer competition of all South America. The finals were Chile vs. Argentina and WE WON! WAHOO! So maybe I saw the fireworks on TV, but hey, it still counts, right? 

Second, one of our investigators that we have been teaching got baptized! His name is Martin! He is 9, and so full of energy that he can´t even hold still for the picture. He is crazy. But, it was a really sweet baptism, because 2 other little kids got baptized too (:  Martin is so crazy that he dunked himself in the water before his dad was even all the way in the font. It was hilarious! 

We have 3 other investigators that have plans to be baptized this month. We have seen SO many miracles, and I am excited that we see the Lord`s hand SO much in our area. I really know that there are so many people waiting for this truth, and I feel honored to be able to share it. 

It is crazy that there are so many changes happening in the mission. It is different to have a new presdient, and to have all of the rules change, but hey, the Lord calls who he knows needs to be here and at the time they need to be here. 



Hermana Leon, Martin, His parents 
and Hermana Watt

Martin and Kamryn

The group of baptisms! 
2 of the other hermanas and 1 of ours

Chile Viña del Mar Mission

New Mission President Raul Antonio Diaz Navarro and his wife Jean Grace Wall de Diaz

Raúl Antonio Díaz Navarro, 54, and Jean Grace Wall de Díaz, five children, Los Plátanos Ward, Santiago Chile Ñuñoa Stake: Chile Viña del Mar Mission, succeeding President Federico M. Kähnlein and Sister Sabrina Kähnlein. Brother Díaz serves as a Sunday School teacher and is a former stake president, stake presidency counselor, bishop, stake Young Men presidency counselor, and ward Young Men president. Coordinator of religion, Seminaries and Institutes. Born in Santiago, Chile, to Luis Alberto Díaz Subiabre and Juana Cecilia Navarro de Díaz.
Sister Díaz serves as a stake Primary president and is a former stake Young Women president, ward Primary president, ward Relief Society presidency counselor, and seminary teacher. Born in Antofagasta, Chile, to James Wall and Carmen Julia Juul.
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