Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 74: Changes and New Area


Quilpue is a city and capital of the Marga Marga Province in Central Chile's Valparaiso Region.  It is part of the Greater Valparaiso metropolitan area.  It is widely know as the "City of the Sun".


We had changes! The most bittersweet moment of my life, but hey, I have to 
accept it, right? I miss Illapel and I miss Hermana Lopez, but hey, there is some
thing I have to learn here. 

I am now in Quilpue! Just about 30 or 40 minutes outside of Viña. I like it here, but the north has my heart. Always. 

My companion is Hermana León. She is super sweet, and I can`t complain. But 
I am super sarcastic, and she isn´t. Some thing that I need to change. hahaha. She doesn't get my jokes, and then I feel dumb.  But hey. Only 5 more weeks. I can do this, right? 

I feel like I might just die. All this change at once is crazy. But, I am surviving, and just trying to take it all one day at a time. I feel kind of lonely. But, I know that it`s just because the Lord wants me to grow even closer to him. 

My new mission president doesn't get here until the first day in July, so I won`t really get to meet him for about 2 more weeks when he comes to do interviews. But when I see him, I will let you know how it goes (: He seems like a nice guy. 

Hermana Evans, Hermana Hansen, Hermana Morris and I all got realeased as leaders. And a few other hermanas. So the mission has a whole new set of 
leaders, and GUESS WHAT? My hermana lider is HERMANA ANDRADE! I will get to spend a day with her! The Lord blesses us in small ways. 

I should get my coming home packet in a few weeks and it will have all of my flight information and every thing like that. I will keep you updated. But, they should also send it to you. So keep an eye out (: But it is normal
that it hasn`t come yet. It will take a few weeks I think. 

Sometimes I don`t know what or how to feel, or what or  how to think. IT IS CRAZY. It doesn`t  even feel real.

The girls look so good as pioneers! Did they love it?  I wish I could have gone :( Maybe one day I will be able to! They look like they had fun (: 

How is my homecoming going to be? Is it a lot of people or just the fam? Just so I can know and be prepared! 

I love you! 


Hermana Leon and Hermana Watt

Hermana Leon and Hermana Watt with little girl

Hermanas Watt and Lopez and the Elders

Hermanas Lopez and Watt and the Elders

Hermanas Lopez and Watt having ice cream time!

Hermana Watt with Little girl and her mother

37 more days!!!!! (From June 22nd)


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