Wednesday, June 10, 2015


This week's blog is from a letter sent by Kamryn to her mother.


It's about time that you got a new phone! (; It is time if you want to be part of the "hip in-crowd". (; haha. jk.  Don't even worry, because I doubt I will remember how to use one. No stress! 

I love my hannah! I am happy that she is happy to go!  Is uncle Jar excited that she is going to Canada?

My branch is doing good! The attendance this week was 20. Including 2 missionaries. But, it is good because we have a sweet relationship with all of them (: They are the most faithful ever! 

We have some REALLY good investigators, who want to be baptized but 
it is hard for them to come to church, because church = commitment, and it is WAY to early for them. So we are working on their testimonies. 

I am starting to feel nervous, because the time passes by SO fast. But I really am excited to see the family, and the good news is that the boys friends who have all returned from their missions all still hang out together, and I am sure that sometimes they will let me hang out with them...right? or are they too cool? I don't know. We shall see!  And the BEST news... I will have you, allie, and kadee and ken. So hopefully that will help me! 

My flight info should come in a few weeks. I am trying to remember how soon it came with hermana page as I was her last companion. Mom. In a week in a half, the last change will be over. That means I will only have 6 weeks left in the mission. The LAST change of my whole mission. It is sad :( But happy at the same time. Bittersweet. 

I got my package with the the chocolate and the cards (: thank you so much! 
It made my whole day to get a package!  We have a leadership meeting on Friday and I will be in Viña. So we will see if another package makes it. 

I am so sad that I couldn't go on the trek :( I wanted to go so bad. Maybe one day I can go when I am older, right? 

Mom, I love  you more than life! Thank you for everything that you do for me (: You are my best friend ever and I LOVE YOU! 

49 More Days!
Or 7 weeks!!!!!

Can you believe that there are only 50 more days till Kamryn returns home from her mission?


Herman Lopez and Hermana Watt

Kamryn taking in the beauty of the ocean

Kamryn's Zone.  Kam and Sister Lopez are on the right


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