Friday, June 19, 2015

Week 73: Zone Conference

39 MORE DAYS!!!  (AS OF JUNE 19)

An email sent to her mom Amber on June 15th.

I think it might be safe to say that I am freaking out. The truth is that in 
2 days we have changes. What does that mean? That there is only 6 WEEKS left in my mission, and I have know idea what to think or to do. Part of me wants to just come get you guys and come back here forever. What do you think? haha. 

Kadee is the best friend ever. I think that honestly, she will have a straight-way to the Celestial Kingdom without a doubt. Especially for putting up with me as her best friend. Honestly.  I love her more than life, and am so lucky 
that she is helping me out so much. But thank you too mom (: You care so much and you have been helping me SO much. You are the best mom
the world has ever known, and i miss you so much every day! I can´t wait to see your face! 

(3 days ago) we had a Confrence of Liders with President. It was the last one with him and so he took us all out to lunch at a restaurant with an OCEAN VIEW. It was so stunning,and it made me so happy that we got to spend that time with him and his wife. They are so amazing mom!  We were all crying. He leaves officially in about 2 weeks. It will be bittersweet. 

This week is changes, and I already know that I am leaving Illapel, because sister training leaders always stop being sister training leaders a change before they go home. So President told me that I will be going to a new area for my last change. I don't know where yet.  We shall see. I will be sad to leave Hermana Lopez, but happy to go to a new sector. 

Our branch is doing well. Still really little. But everyone who goes is so sweet (: 

It is FREEZING here. So I might just get off the plane in a jacket and boots. Even though it will be summer there, here I am dying. Yes, the Chileans like to sleep in! It is crazy. They all leave work at lunch time to eat and take a nap. 


see you before you know it (: 

love, kam


Hermana Lopez and Hermana Watt


Hermana's in the Mission

Hermana's Lopez and Watt


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