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Jan 26, 2014 - KAMRYN'S FAREWELL

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Kamryn's Mission Farewell

Kamryn's missionary farewell was held on Sunday, Jan 26 2014 which also happened to be Kamryn's 20th birthday.  Lots of her family were there to support her.  Most of her aunts and uncles were in attendance as well as both sets of grandparents and lots of cousins and friends.  We all attended Sacrament Meeting where Kamryn gave a beautiful talk on the Temple.  I was impressed by how poised and confident she was.

After Sacrament Meeting, we all went back to Amber and Kevin's home for a delicious lunch of soup and bread and birthday cake.  Family and friends had a wonderful time visiting and enjoying the day with Kamryn.

Tiffany and Hattie

Brooke and Kam

Ken, Allie and Lauren Mickey

Judy, Bob, Ryan, Kevin, Kim and Wendy Watt

Whole lot of people!

Amber, Kam and Kevin

Happy 20th Kam!

Show Low, Arizona Friends (Amber, Marcy and Jenna)

The Show Low Hood

Trevon Turley, Allie Watt, Alex Watt, Kamryn Watt, Lyndsay Staley
Jaren Turley, Aiden Staley, Kenedie Watt and ? Turley

Kam and Katherine Scichilone

Ryan, Kamryn, Megan, and children

Uncle John and Uncle Jared

Kamryn trying to break her birthday Pinata.  (Alex's gift to her)

Birthday Pinata bonanza

Emily loves her candy

Jenna, Gma, Megan, Aunt Tiffany and Jordyn

Lyndsay and Jenna

Aunt Tiffany and Kam

Kam and Hannah

Kam, Ashlee and Elsie

Kam and Alex

Brooke, Kam, Alex

Aunt Gayle

Grandma Doris and Kam

Kam and the Taylors

Kam and Penny

"Babe" and Kamryn

Grandad, Gma, Kam

Aunt Kim and Kamryn

For those of you who missed Kamryn's talk in Sacrament Meeting, I have included it here for you.

Kamryn's Sacrament Meeting Talk


I love everything about the temple, so I was excited when Brother Mickey asked me to speak on the temple.

The hard part was trying to figure out what I wanted to say about the temple.  There are so many great things about it; I could spend forever talking about it.  But I decided that what I wanted to focus on most was the importance of living a life where you are continuously preparing to enter the temple, because as great as it is to look towards the future, we need to make it a goal and be working towards it every day.  Even those of us who have already been through the temple.

Kamryn then showed us the white satin hanger she had been given as a Beehive in Young Women.  The white hanger was to remind her to live her life so that someday she could hang her temple dress on it.  The hanger had the following statement on it, "Hang onto your values....Hang on to your testimony......hang on to your goals....So someday your can hang your temple dress on me."

Kamryn then shared the following comments from a talk by Elaine S. Dalton entitled "Guardians of Virtue".

"Last month I had the opportunity to attend the temple wedding of a young woman I have known since she was born.  As I sat in the sealing room, looking at the beautiful chandelier sparkling in the lights of the temple, I remembered that day when I first held her.  Her mother had her dressed in a little white dress, and I thought she was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen.  Then this young woman walked through the door, once again dressed in white.  She was radiant and happy.  As she entered the room, I wished with all my heart that every young woman could envision that moment and strive to always be worthy to make and keep sacred covenants and receive the ordinances of the temple in preparation to enjoy the blessings of exaltation.

As this couple knelt at the sacred altar, they received promises beyond mortal comprehension that will bless, strengthen, and assist them on their mortal journey.  It was one of those moments when the world stood still and all of heaven rejoiced.  As the newly married couple looked into the large mirror  on the opposite wall, and the bride said with tears in her eyes, "I see all those who will follow after us."  She saw her future family--her posterity.  I know that she understood again in that moment how important it is to believe in being chaste and virtuous.  There is no more beautiful sight than a couple, properly prepared, kneeling together at the altar of the temple.

Kamryn then shared a recent experience of seeing her friend Brooke sealed in the temple to her husband Bryce in the Washington D. C. temple a couple of weeks ago.  She shared how grateful she was to be able to join them in the temple for this important ordinance.

Another quote from Elaine S. Dalton

"Last summer a group of young women from Alpine, Utah, decided that they would become "more fit for the kingdom".  They determined to focus on the temple by walking from the Draper, Utah Temple to the Salt Lake Temple, a total distance of 22 miles, just as one of the pioneers, John Rowe Moyle, had done. Brother
Moyle was a stonemason who was called by the prophet, Brigham Young, to work on the Salt Lake Temple.  Each week he walked the distance of 22 miles from his home to the temple.  One of his jobs was to carve the words "Holiness to the Lord" on the east side of the Salt Lake Temple.  It was not easy and he had many obstacles to overcome.  At one point, he was kicked in the leg by one of his cows.  Because it would not heal, he had to have this leg amputated.  But that did not stop him from his commitment to the prophet and to work on the temple.  He carved a wooden leg, and after many weeks he again walked the 22-mile distance to the temple to do the work he had committed to do.

The young women in the Cedar Hills Sixth Ward decided to walk that same distance for an ancestor and also for someone who was their inspiration to remain worthy to enter the temple.  They trained each week at Mutual, and as they walked, they shared what they were learning and feeling about temples.

They began their walk to the temple early in the morning with prayer.  As they started out, I was impressed with their confidence.  They had prepared well, and they knew they were prepared.  Their eyes were set on their goal.  Each step they took was symbolic of each of you as your too are preparing now to enter the temple.  Your personal training was begun with your daily personal prayers, your daily reading of the Book of Mormon, and your working on your Personal Progress.

As these young women continued to walk, there were distractions along the course, but they stayed focused on their goal.  Some began to feel blisters forming, and others felt knees starting to protest, but they kept going.  For each of you, there are many distractions, hurts, and obstacles along your path to the temple, but you too are determined and keep going.  The route these young women took was mapped out by their leaders, who had walked and driven the course and determined the safest and most direct way to go.  Again, your course is marked, and you can be assured that the Savior has not only walked the course but will again walk it with you--every step of the way.

Along this journey to the temple there were fathers, mothers, family members and priesthood leaders acting as guardians.  Their job was to ensure that everyone was safe and protected from danger.  They made sure each young woman stayed well hydrated and had enough nourishment to maintain her stamina.  There were aid stations provided by their priesthood leaders, with places to rest and to drink water.  Young women, your fathers, your mothers, your bishops, and so many others will be your guardians as you walk your path to the temple.  They will call out cautions and direct your course, and should you become injured or hurt or get off course, they will help you.

I was impressed that in the final miles of their walk, brothers, other young men, and friends came to support these determined young women and to cheer them on.  One brother lifted his sister, who had large blisters on her feet, and carried her on his back the final distance to the temple.  as these incredible young women reached their goal, tears were shed as they touched the temple and made a silent commitment to always be worthy to enter there.

The temple walk is a metaphor for your life.  Parents and priesthood leaders stood guard along the route. They provided support and aid.  Young women guarded and encouraged each other.  Young men admired the strength, commitment, and stamina of the young women.  Brothers carried sisters who had been injured. Families rejoiced with their daughters as they ended their walk at the temple and took them safely home."

Kamryn ended her talk by bearing her testimony on her love for the temple and for her great joy in serving a mission in the Vina del Mar, Chile Mission.

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