Friday, January 31, 2014

Jan 31, 2014 - FIRST EMAIL HOME

Hola Familia!!! (:

Kamryn Judith Watt (

Mom and Dad,

I only have five or so minutes, so I can't say very much, but I am excited for pday so I can catch you guys up on everything (: I am safe and sound and I love it here in Chile!  I packed way too much and it is so warm here; but it is great.  The temple is literally RIGHT next to the MTC.  It is beautiful. I wish you could all see it.  The food here is good. For breakfast I had fruit loops mixed with yogurt because tat is how they eat cereal here!  It is crazy but I love it.  Hermana Evans is my first companion and she is so sweet.  And BLONDE!  Like me (:  So we are just two white blonde chickas.  Or hermanas I should say.  I know I am meant to be here and I haven't had any doubts since the second I got here!  I finally got to shower so now I feel so great and ready to go.  I saw Hermana vanderheyden and she is doing so well (: She makes me feel closer to home.  Well I love you SOOOOOO much.  I am not sure when pday is, but I will email again soon!  Loves.

Santiago Chile Mormon Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple
LDS Missionary Training Center Chile
Santiago, Chile MTC

Okay so we have one more minute. I am typing really fast and there will be a lot of errors. But I have my name tag now, and I don´t know why but it is my favorite!!! I feel so awesome. Also this keyboard is in Spanish, so I have no idea how or where anything is or what it means. That is another thing, EVERYTHING is in Spanish. Hahahaha Me and all the other hermanas have no idea what we are doing. But hopefully we will know at least a little bit by the time we make it out of here! Chileans are crazy drivers!!! Just sayin. That is another thing that is crazy here. But it is so beautiful. It really is. I LOVE it. Love love love it. Anyway, we are all joking about how weird this keyboard is. I told hermana Hansen that you and her mom are friends on facebook and she started laughing (: We love it! These hermanas and elders are like my best friends. It is amazing how close you get to these people. I love them all so much already! Also the bread here is great. But I refuse to gain weight. hahaha. This keyboard is nuts. Anyway! I have to go but I love you so much!!! 

Love Hermana Watt

Santiago, Chile

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