Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Here is Hermana Watt's email for this week.

Dear Everyone,

We finally made it to Chile! I am SO happy to be here. It was such a long process but I am grateful to be here!

My first  companion is Hermana Evans. She is from San Diego and we are both super white and super blonde. We are so grateful that we are companions. Chileans LOVE taking pictures of her and I because we are a rare species apparently. She goes to school at BYU Provo. We get along really really well and I am super happy to have met her! We are super good friends now and it hasnt even been a week! She was one of the missionaries that I found when we were all stuck in the airport.

The first person I saw at the MTC was Hermana Vanderheyden!!! I literally ran to her and gave her a hug. We see eachother all the time, and it makes me feel so much better seeing someone from home all the time!
The MTC is amazing. There are only 80 people total in this MTC, so we aren´t crowded at all. Half of us are North American, and half of us are north americans. It is so crazy because they seperate us based on language ability so all of us crazy white folk sound like greengas and greengos so we are made fun of ALL the time. Even our teachers are latino so they love to laugh at us (: But they love us so much. So we all get along really well.

The food here is really good. There is TONS of bread and they eat it with every single meal, even breakfast. So me and Hermana Evans decided we are just going to eat it once every other day so we don´t get chubs.
I love my MTC mission presidents. They are so sweet, and so loving. Me and Hermana Evans have to teach releif society on Sunday, which is crazy because I thought I escaped that calling once I left college (; hahaha. Just kidding. We are excited.
Chile is beautiful. It is crazy but I feel like I am not even in a different country. And I can´t understand anyone at all because my Spanish isn´t happening very fast hahaha. Oh if only you guys could hear me try to speak Spanish. My teachers call me a greenga. ALL THE TIME. But it´s okay because I know that Heavenly Father will help me learn. It hasn´t even been a week! So I will be fine (:

The people here are so sweet and genuine. I have no greater purpose in life at this time than to be a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I love having a nametag. I feel like a different person with it on. The moment I got it, I knew I was excactly where I was supposed to be. The only thing is Sister Watt is my mom. So I had a hard time getting used to it, but now I don´t even remember what my real name is.

We are starting to teach investigators, and it is SO hard. We have to do the WHOLE lesson in Spanish, but I am no where near fluent or even close. I don´t even know how to put sentences together. But I write it all down, and then speak it. It is amazing how much the spirit can change your attitude towards your hardships.
Me and Hermana Evans taught one investigator named Carolina, and it was the most amazing experience. We taught her about the restoration. I had a feeling to bear my testimony, but I didn´t have it written down. So I decided to do it anyway in English, and we all felt the spirit SO strong. I feel so blessed, and this work is amazing.

Well, that´s all I have time for this week. Can´t wait to write again next week! Love you all. The church is true.
Love, Hermana Watt

Kamryn's Mission President and his wife

Federico Maximiliano Kahnlein, 42, and Sabrina Tundidor Kahnlein, four children, Escobar Ward, Buenos Aires Argentina Escobar Stake. Brother Kahnlein is a counselor in a stake presidency and is a former stake executive secretary, high councilor, stake Young Men president, counselor in a stake presidency, elders quorum president, family history consultant, Young Men president, counselor in a bishopric and missionary in the Arizona Tempe Mission. Area meetinghouse facilities department manager of the South America South Area, Corporation of the Presiding Bishop. Born in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Werner Carlos Enrique Kahnlein and NoelĂ­ Herbon.

Sister Kahnlein serves as a Primary teacher and is a former stake missionary, Relief Society president and counselor, Young Women president, counselor in a Primary presidency, gospel principles teacher and missionary in the Argentina Neuquen Mission. Born in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Federico Alejandro Tundidor and Cristina Tizzano.

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