Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Hermana Watt's second email home.  Sounds like she is settling in and already into the work there in Chile.

Her email:

Hello! It is week 2 already and the time has absolutely flown by. I can´t even believe it sometimes! I love it here. Every P Day we get to go outside of the gate and explore Chile. Me and Hermana Evans found an ice cream shop and it was so good. I want to eat there every single day, eight times a day. But I won´t. Only because I am forced to have self control. Whatevaaaa. (; 

The CCM is still great. I love learning. It is a ton of hours in class, but my spanish is starting to improve slowly but surely. Thank goodness. Everyone laughs at how I pronounce my words but it is so great and it makes me feel better that all of us North Americans here sound that way. My teachers here are out of this world amazing. I love them so much. They are truly inspiring. I learn so much from them and they are so willing to help ALWAYS. 

My district is my family. I LOVE THEM. We are all best friends now, and it is perfect because it has kept me from feeling homesick. But it is so strange to think that people here have first names. I don´t believe them when they tell me. They only look like hermanas and elders. It is the strangest thing. Also, I forget my name all the time. Kamryn is just a weird thing to be called now. But I still love it! 

I love my investigators. In fact, I want to tell you a really neat story about one specific investigator Hermana Evans and I had the opportunity to teach. Her name is Karen, and she is a less active member. She fell away from the church when she was 16 because she became pregnant, and she got no support from anyone in the ward. So she hadn´t gone back since. She is 27 now and has 3 kids. Our plan was just to go and get to know her better, and then end with a short message about families. But when we got in there, the spirit was prompting us to go in a completely different direction. WHY??? Heavenly Father, don´t you know I can only give a lesson in spanish when it is written down word for word on my notes?? How am I supposed to teach Karen about how much the Lord loves her when I don´t have notes for that? I said a prayer in my heart and felt prompted to share a story with her about a friend of mine. I started talking, and all of the sudden all of these words came out that I had studied but didn´t quite know them off the top of my head. Some words I didn´t know, but the message was given, and she understood. The spirit was so strong, and after my story I cried, and beared testimony that the Lord loved her so much and that if she went to him in prayer, she would be forgiven, and that she would also be able to forgive herself. It was SO powerful. 

Me and Hermana Evans make a great team. I will be sad to leave her. She has been my rock, and we work so well together. She is perfect, and amazing. She always makes me want to be better! 

This past week we went to the temple here in Santiago. It is BEAUTIFUL. I loved doing the session. They had headsets so that we could watch it in English (: That was nice. It was one of my favorite parts of the week! 

I have a quote I wanted to share that we heard in one of our meetings on Sunday. 
¨Perhaps faith isn´t faith until it has been tried.¨ I love that. 

I know this church is true. I know because I have been on both sides. I have lived in a time of doubt and unsurety. But I know God is loving, and He is merciful. He is our strength. I know that the Savior knows exactly how we feel in our times of trial because He suffered ALL of our sorrows and afflictions with no maximum capacity. Why would He do that if He, in His infinite goodness and love, for some reason didn´t care? I assure you, He loves us greatly. And He has given us a gateway to fix and heal our imperfections, our broken hearts, and our broken spirits. He is the ultimate healer, and through Him, greatness and enduring till the end is possible. He is our second chance. And our third chance. And our fourth. And every chance after that. What more could I say to make this touch your hearts? I think that the atonement speaks for itself. And even if it isn´t sin, the Lord our Savior suffered for our sorrows. I know without a shadow of a doubt that this church is true. What a great blessing that is! 

I love you all. Until we speak again! 

Love, Hermana Watt

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