Tuesday, February 18, 2014

WEEK THREE! Feb 18, 2014

Hola mi familia!!! 

Can I just say, I love you ALL! I love getting all of your emails. It makes my week so great, and inspires me to be and do better. I love being a missionay. I feel so great when I serve others. It has been a blessing to have this calling, and I pray for all of you everytime I pray. Which is a lot just in case you were wondering. We pray a lot here in the CCM. hahaha. Which is good. Prayer is good. 

So I have been trying to send pictures, but I only have a certain amount of time to email, and it takes that same amount of time to upload only two pictures. I decided I would rather write then send pictures, so hopefully in the future I will somehow be able to do both, but until then, just imagine my life in your mind! haha.

This week we had 3 new investigators. I am only going to tell you about one right now, due to time. His name is Juan. He has been going to church for 15 years. His wife is the relief society president, and his daughter is on a mission in Concepcion, Chile. He has met with the missionaries before, but hasnt been baptized. You could only imagine how challenging this investigator might be, considering the circumstances. Hermana Evans and I prayed and prayed and prayed before we taught Juan. We made 3 different lesson plans and kept revising and revising. Finally it came time to teach. We talked to him, and immediately the spirit filled the room. I knew that what Juan needed to hear wasnt what we had on our paper. Why does it always happen that way! haha. Luckily Hermana Evans and I were on the same page without even having to say anything. We started talking to Him about how much God loved Him. We saw Juan as a Son of God. A Son of His loving Heavenly Father, We saw Juan and all of his potential. We helped him understand His great worth, and how God doesnt want Him to be baptized because He is just a number, He wants Him to be baptized because He loves Him and wants Him to BE HAPPY. The gospel of Jesus Christ is happiness. Without it, we are nothing. This life means nothing. May I be so bold? We have no purpose without the Saviors atoning sacrifice. HE LOVES US. That is the reason we have meaning. That is the reason we have hope. That is the reason of our very existance. Many tears were shed in that lesson with Juan, and He knew without a shadow of a doubt why the Lord wanted Him to be baptized. God needs Juan in His Kingdom. 

I have loved being here. I cannot believe we are coming up on our month mark here as a district. In two weeks, we are off and  on to our missions in the field. I feel SO blessed to have met such amazing people in my life. My distict is a blessing. My second family. My teachers are amazing guides, who help us through because they all know what it was like to be a missionary. I have made friendships that I know without a doubt will last beyond the veil. I challenge all of you to treasure your relationships. ALL of them. They are SO important. 

So this week they are painting Hermana Evans and my room! We are the only ones in ours, so they moved us to Hermana Vanderheydens room! I love her! For those of you who dont know, she is from my hometown, and we went to high school together. We have become so close! It has been a blessing to room with her and Hermana Taylor. We got latina roommates as well! They have been a huge blessing when it comes to learning the language. I am forever thankful for them. They are so sweet. 

My testimony has grown so much in these past few weeks, and I cant think of anything more joyous and more amazing than the gospel of Jesus Christ. How blessed are we to know of its truthfulness? I know that this church is true, and I know that it blesses lives because I have seen it with my family, I have seen it with my investigators, and I have seen it within my own soul. I know that God has called a prophet to guide us and direct us so that we can have the privilege to be guided in the right direction. I know that the Book of Mormon is a true testament of the Savior Jesus Christ. What it contains could not be anything but the truth. I know because I have read it with a sincere heart, having faith in Christ, searching, pondering and praying to know of its truthfulness. I would not be here today if I didnt KNOW with every fiber of my being that these things are true. I KNOW that these things are true. 

Dont deny yourself of the great blessings of this gospel.If you find yourself on the outside, please remember who you are and what blessings await you if you turn your life to our Heavenly Father. 

I love you all. You are so dear to my heart, and I think about you always. You have helped me get here. I would not be the missionary I am today without any of you. You are ALL so important to me. Thank you for helping me be the best missionary I can be. 

With all the love in my heart, 
Hermana Watt

Santiago, Chile Mission home


The Chile Missionary Training Center was established on July 13, 1981, occupying a few classrooms of the former Deseret College of the Church. It was the second MTC in South America.

Elders William Grant Bangerter, Area Executive Administrator in Chile, and A. Delbert Palmer, who had been the first president of the Chilean Mission in 1961 and 20 years later returned to Chile to serve as a regional representative, played a key role in the creation of the MTC.

On January 14, 1983, the MTC was moved to the second floor of the Church offices at Av. Pedro de Valdivia 1423, where missionaries were trained until 2001. In that year, it was relocated to the third floor of the patron housing of the Santiago Temple, where it remains today.


During the summer months (December to March), the weather in Santiago is dry and temperatures are typically warm, but not uncomfortable. Spring and autumn are also pleasant, with clear skies and sunshine. The rainy winter season lasts from May to August, when fronts and depressions bring clouds and cooler temperatures.

Santiago sits in a valley between the coastal mountain range and the mighty Andes, all reaching altitudes of over 23,000 feet with constant snow capped summits that can be seen year round. Among Santiago’s sights are the neo-classical architecture of the Presidential Palace, the Plaza de Armas and the Pre-Columbian museum with over 700 exhibits. There is also the opportunity to shop through one of its many traditional handicraft markets 

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