Friday, January 31, 2014

Jan 28, 2014 - Kamryn is off on her mission......Or maybe not!

January 31, 2014

Jan 28, 2014 - Kamryn is off on her mission......Or maybe not!


Kamryn was to leave on her mission on Jan 28 from the St. George Airport.  From there she would go to Salt Lake City Airport and on to the Atlanta Airport and would fly out to Chile from there.  Due to the three inches of snow in Atlanta, Georgia Kamryn's flight was delayed and she spent the first day of her mission at home with her mother as her missionary companion.

Day 2:  She was finally able to leave and boarded a plane in St. George for Salt Lake City.

Kamryn at the St. George Airport

 Kenedie, Kamryn, Allie

Amber, Kevin, Kamryn, Kenedie, Allie

See you soon

One happy Sister Missionary

See You Soon Sister Missionary


"Kamryn arrives in SLC to find that her flight from Salt Lake to Atlanta has been cancelled due to the weather in Atlanta.  The Missionary Travel Department told her to talk to Delta Airlines and see what they can do.

Well she made it to Atlanta and she had one other missionary on her flight.  She was able to navigate that difficult airport and find her way to the International Terminal where she found a group of about 15 missionaries who were traveling to Chile.  They had been at the Atlanta airport since last night.  All of them except Kamryn are booked on a late flight to Peru where they will have another 17 hour lay over before leaving for Chile.  Kam is booked on a flight to Chile that is supposed to leave in a couple of hours.  She may be the lucky one.  We shall see.  Prayers for all those missionaries who will end up spending about three days in airports before arriving in Chile.  Glad she has friends.

 Out of about 40 total missionaries stuck in Atlanta (about half going to Peru and half going to Chile) only 2 including Kamryn are on the flight to Chile. I'm just hoping it doesn't get delayed or cancelled. All the other missionaries have been stuck there for more than a day and look to be there another day at least. Some have no carry on and they were told not to expect there luggage to be there when they finally arrive. At least they have each other.  

Still haven't boarded. The problem now is the airport is very under staffed since many employees can't get to work because of the weather. The plane is there, just waiting for staff to get there so they can board.  Kamryn is actually in good spirits and has a good attitude. She is just tired is all. Thankfully she's not a complainer like her mother. Thank you to all of you for your thoughts and prayers." 

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