Monday, June 9, 2014


This week is living proof that Satan hates missionaries, and especially Hermana Lopez and I. (;

This week was hard, but I learned SO much. I learned to really trust in the Lord, because He always has a plan, even when it doesnt seem like it.
This week started with an interview of one of our investigators, Fresia. She is in her 70s and she had an accident earlier in her life which makes her forget a lot of things. She is SO receptive, and wants to be baptized, but she can never remember Joseph Smith, or why it is important to be baptized in THIS church. This makes it REALLY hard for her to pass an interview, because these things are crucial for a person to know and have a testimony of. We finally got her to the point where she could remember enough, and so we felt that she was ready to be interviewed. We waited in anticipation only to find out that she forgot everything... and this isnt the first interview she didnt pass. It was so hard for Hermana Lopez and I, because we kept feelin like it was our fault. After she left, we knelt in prayer asking Heavenly Father to help us know how to help her. As we were praying I felt SO much peace and love for Fresia. I knew that she would be ready, just not right now. It was humbling because it is the Lords will, not ours.

Also, this week it POURED rain. And when I say pour, I mean pour. Like there were lakes of water in the streets, and we couldnt go see some of our investigators, and many of our appointments fell through, so we spent a lot of time contacting and no one was receptive. But in these moments I remembered that our Savior suffered much worse for people who wouldnt recieve Him either. In these moments I remembered that there was one person who knew EXACTLY how we felt because He knows what it is like to be standing in the pouring rain recieving rejection after rejection. And because He suffered that for me, I was grateful to be able to do that for Him.

But because we have a loving Heavenly Father, when the storm gets rough, He is there to calm it. ALWAYS. We just need to rely on Him, and recognize that He wants us to rely on Him. We are His joy. And when we are happy, and keeping the commandments, He is happy. When we have trials, he knows we are strong enought to use them as a way to grow. That is why faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is and always will be the first principle of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love you all, and I invite you all to recognize the miracles in your life!
D&C 121: 7-9


Love, Hermana Watt


(Picture: Me and Hermana Lopez with the daughter (Josefa) of our investigator Alejandra)

Look at the email I got from a member in Kamryn's ward that she is serving in!  Makes me happy!

Hello dear sister Watt, my name is Claudia and hermana Watt, asked us to send you some photos of her and her companion hermana Lopez, are the rainy day ... greetings and thanks for having such a special and strong daughter in the gospel ... 

Greetings Family Dinmarca Castro ...

Pictures above were taken and sent to me by a member in Kam's ward.  

Kam and Hermana Lopez by the new church bill boards.

  Kam and her broken umbrella outside an apartment building

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