Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Week 57: Line upon line

 This week has been a bittersweet experience!

We went this Sunday to have Mesach get 
confirmed, but... He wasn´t home. It was definitely
a trial of faith both for me and my companion. As we
know, the baptism isn't complete without receiving the
Holy Ghost. But we had a prayer in our hearts that 
we could go by after and see what happened. On the 
way I was telling my companion that I was so sad 
and that there was no reason for him to miss because 
we had confirmed the day before that we would be there. 
We passed by later that day, and we knocked on his door,
and he answered with tears in his eyes telling us how he 
was so sorry and felt so sick that he couldn't move that
morning. His body is super weak, so he has a hard time
getting around. I learned a lot after that, that even though
my first instinct was to be upset, I realized that there is 
always a reason behind everything. That we always need to 
know WHY someone does something before we react in 
a negative way. I know the Lord was really trying to teach me
that I need to have a pure love of Christ. We said a prayer
with him that he would have the strength to be able to 
receive the Holy Ghost next week, and I know the Lord
will answer his prayer. 

I was studying in the Doctrine and Covenants, and I came upon a scripture that I love that says: 

47 He that is faithful and endureth shall overcome the world.

I know that this is true. Sometimes the answer to 
our problems is so simple, yet our pride keeps us from
receiving the real happiness that we are seeking. Maybe
because it requires a little more sacrifice than we are 
comfortable with, but whatever sacrifice we have to make to 
stay faithful and endure, is worth it. Why? Because look 
at the promise... whoever does shall "overcome the world": 

I know this church is true. Even though it is not always easy, 
it is ALWAYS worth it. 

Love, Hermana Watt

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