Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 58: Busy In The Work!

Another busy week in the mission field so no email this week from Kam.  I am including some excerpts from Kamryn's  email to her mom this week and some pictures.

"The area is super awesome. Everything is going 
well here in Placilla! I can´t even believe it, but 
we have changes again in two weeks. I am pretty sure
I am staying. But, I wouldn't mind, because I really 
love it here. We have found some good people, and the
members are amazing. They help us SO much with 
the work. 

We visited with Mesach this week and took a picture with him.  I love the mission. These chileans are hilarious. 

We had a conference, but I haven´t gotten any more packages
yet. Hopefully soon! They make my whole week. 
I can't believe that the time is going by way too fast. Just
seems like yesterday I was in the airport crying because 
I ripped my ensigns. 

I want you to know i am happy (: This always has and always will 
be the best decision I have ever made. The gospel makes me happy."


Kamryn and Mesach

Zone Conference picture with Mission President and his wife in the middle (Kam 5th from the right)

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