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I don´t think I have ever been more scared in my life then I have been the past few weeks! A lot has been happening here in Chile. Many houses have burned down in that fire, and they are sending missionaries in to help the victims, and do some service in the safer areas. It is so hard for the people here. Many people we know have family members that lost EVERYTHING in that fire, and it breaks my heart. I ask for your prayers for the people of Chile. They have really been suffering.
I am grateful that we have been safe so far! The Lord has really blessed Hermana Lopez and I. They had to move some other missionaries, but we are all safe (:
I am finally starting to understand the people here. It is hard at first because they speak so fast, but I am getting used to it. I just need to learn to respond! haha. It is coming with time (: And I am lucky to have a companion to help me! She is so great. 
We have a really amazing investigator. His name is Manuel. He is about 50 and he LOVES the gospel. He is amazing, and he always loves having us at his home. He doesn´t have very much, but he always is giving, giving, giving. He is such an amazing example to me! He also speaks really slow for me, which is perfect. We taught him about tithing, and he kept asking us when he could pay it because he wants to help all the people in the church, and he wants to help build the temples because they are beautiful! I loved his attitude, and it inspired me to have a better attitude about tithing.
I encourage you all to read D&C 58:2-4. It talks about how we can recieve blessings when we keep the commandments.
I love you all, and am mindful of each one of you! Thank you for helping me become the missionary I am today!
Love, Hermana Watt

Kamryn's plaque on the wall at Church

Hermana Watt & Hermana Lopez


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