Monday, April 28, 2014


Happy to be Serving

Time is going by wayyyy to fast here! I cannot believe that it is almost May already. I am so blessed, because I am staying in my area for another month and a half with hermana Lopez, and I am so happy because we have so many amazing investigators! (: This work is a huge blessing.

We have our first baptism on Mothers Day and I am beyond words excited! It is for a woman named Flor. We had a date set for her in April, but she called us a few days before and changed her mind. It was super hard, but now she really wants too. It was neat to see the spirit work, because this last lesson we had with her, we invited her to be baptized, and she said no. We asked her why, and she told us she doesnt want to pay tithing, because she barely has enough money to get by. Normally I would have left that to Hermana Lopez, because she is awesome, and actually knows spanish, but then, Hermana gave me the Its your turn! Look. I was thankful that in that moment I had always been a full tithe payer. I bore my testimony on the amazing blessings I had recieved from paying my tithing, and as I did, I started to see the spirit work in both of us. The Lord gave me the words, and She felt in her heart the importance of tithing. After I bore my testimony, it was quiet. Then she walked over to her calendar, and said, Mothers day is the day I want to be baptized. It has been one of my most happy moments here!!!

Last monday, we had the chance to explore some beautiful places in Valparaiso with a couple in our ward. It is beautiful here, and I feel blessed to be in such a beautiful area with such amazing people!
Until next week my friends!

Love you all, Hermana Watt

Exploring Valparaiso with Members

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