Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 39: HOLA Y OI!


        HUMP DAY!

For starters, I can´t believe that 9 months have passed. Not that I am counting or anything...

We are seeing miracles here in Ovalle, and we are really progressing with Clemente. He came to church AGAIN yesterday. It humbles me, because for him it is so much effort. Yet he is up at 6 am (even though church starts at 10) and is ready to go! He makes me realize what it really means to be converted.

This week we brought out the bright colors, and the Christmas decorations! I´m my mothers daughter! Good think I have a companion that is supportive. (: It is just wierd to have Christmas in the summertime. It doesn´t feel right, but hey. What doesn´t kill you makes you stronger says Kanye West..(I think he sings it... I can´t remember)

I still love all of the stray dogs here and want to take them all in. We can´t, so our elderly neighbor who lives alone does. She´s an angel.

Hermana Andrade and I are super great friends, and really we are SO enjoying this change we have together. If we ever seperate, I might cry. Pretty sure we were friends before this life.

I love Ovalle. The members are GOLD. AND we are going to have a talent activity, and yes, we will be doing a Book of Mormon Rap. Gotta whip out my dancin skills.

So I am reading the New Testament, and I just LOVE Paul. Why did I never read it before in my life???

I loved this verse in Acts 19

11 And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul:
Short. Simple. But PROOF that the Lord works miracles through us to bless the lives of others.

GO and be somebody´s miracle!


Hermana Watt

PIC: Just re livin my disney days


Comments from Amber:  Kam's offical "hump day" is Oct. 28th.  I sent her that shirt for her hump day.  Kam said the tradition for the Hermana's is to stuff their shirt to look prego because half way is 9 months.  Get it?  I told her that a fake prego pic of her when she is wearing a shirt that say's "hump" on it takes on a whole new meaning.  The other pic is of her and her comp and a member, Carolina.  Kam is still a trainer and her new companion is from Brazil.  I talked to Kam this morning via email back and forth and she is loving her mission.  She recently had an interview with her mission president and he is very pleased with her and her work.  She really needed to hear that.  He even told her to thank her parents for raising such an incredible missionary.  :)

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