Tuesday, November 4, 2014


My dear friends and family!

First of all, I love you all and think and pray daily for you. 

This week was Halloween, and even though here in the mission we can´t dress up, I LOVED seeing all of the little kids here leave and go trick-or-treating. Someone told me it isn´t very big here, and to not get my hopes up, but really I think the Lord blessed me by giving me a little experience of home. It made my whole Halloween! 

This week we also had an activity that Hermana Andrade and I planned for the ward. It was a ward talent show, and it turned out to be AWESOME. Hermana Andrade and I did a rap with a little bit of a rap base in the background thanks to members who can use technology (I don´t remember...). Let´s just say we ¨crushed it¨. Thank you Fat Amy. 

My life is great. The mission is great. I really am so blessed, and we visit Clemente every day! He is progressing so fast. He always says, ¨You both are my shining starts. I love my Heavenly Father, and you both have changed my life.¨ The mission is worth it even if we can change the life of just one person. 

I love my calling, and I love my Father in Heaven. Oh how short this life really is, and oh how we truly need to find what really is the MOST important. We are here to serve God, and if we are making decsions contrary to that of what He has taught, we are serving the other side. It is that simple. 

Let us all strive to be a little better. 
(Me included)


Love, Hermana Watt


Kamryn and their investigator Clemente

Hermana Andrade, Hermana Watt and Clemente

Ward Talent Night

Kamryn and Mariana Caputo Andrade (Hermana Watt and Hermana Andrade)  decorating for the talent show

All Ready!  Beautiful job!

Sister Andrade, Poblacion Limari and Sister Wattt

The Hermanas Rap!

Getting ready for Christmas!!
Like Mother like daughter?

Beautiful Missionary companions!

Kam and another stray dog.  She loves those dogs too.

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