Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 41: Service Project

Hello to all!

So for starters, this week Clemente had to have an emergency surgery, so he was gone all week. It made the days a little more dull, but it was still a good week. It really amazes me how much people can really make a huge difference in someones life. He has definitely changed mine! He is the best example of humility, service, and love. And he is hilarious. We call him every day and he always tells us he´s reading his book of mormon! He´s gold.

I find myself quoting movies, and the best part is that even though my comp is from Brazil, she knows everything. And she speaks a ton of English. I just like to brag about her because she can speak to everyone because she knows like 7 languages. 3... but still. More than me! She is the best. 

We had a service project this week, and it was weeding. Needless to say the Elders wouldn´t let us do a thing so we just had a blast taking a bunch of pictures with the missionaries in our zone. I LOVE THE MISSION. I never want to come home. Sorry mom! (; 

I love my life, I love the Lord, and I love this work. Really I have seen so many things from a different perspective. I wish you could all be here to see the miracles I see every single day! 

If you aren´t right now, READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. 

They sell so many books on happiness, but it is the only one that holds the true secrets to happiness. TEST IT!


Also, someone gave us some cookies, and they are part strawberry, part chocolate. My comp doesn´t like the chocolate part so I came in and saw that she had bitten off the strawberry part of each one and left the chocolate side for me. I DIED laughing. She´s a hoot. 

A Lovely email From a Sister in Kam's Mission


This is Sister Maldonado from Ovalle, the area of your daughter. We are from the branch of your daughter. She is doing really well. We are feeding her very well here with all of the delcious food here in Chile. We love her very much and her companion Sister Andrade. We are writing this email because if you need to say anything to your daughter, we can be your connection. Today she had lunch with us, and she looks really well. She is an excellent missionary, and she works really hard in our branch and she is teaching us english classes in our branch. We are greatful for her effort. Congratulations for your daughter! 

With love, 
Sister Maria Angelica Maldonado

Weeding Service Project

This looks like a picture of their district with the Senior Missionaries

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