Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 47: I LOVE YOU!

Hola mamá!

This week has been so busy, but so fun, so exciting, so awesome! I love my area, I love my companion, my district, my zone, the members, the mission, TODO!

ALSO I can´t even WAIT to see your faces in 4 days! I think I might cry. And I think I might accidently speak a little bit of spanish. I have been speaking straight spanish for almost 3 months. I don´t even remember anymore my native language. It happens to the best of us here in the mission. We try to teach the latinos english, and we just forget it all!


I´m sorry, but we opened my birthday stuff today, because we had enought baptisms as a district to have an activity, and one of the Elders has a birthday on the 27th of January, so we celebrated today as a district and it was a BLAST! Your things were a hit, and everyone told me to tell you thank you! It was like an actual birthday! just a lilttle early. They sang, told me how I was on old grandma because I´m older than all of them, and we played soccer, and watched some good ole church movies. THATS HOW WE  DO IN THE MISH!

With skype, I am going to sign in on my account (: The president gave us permission to have dinner with the members on the night of the 24th so we have that set up with a family here. It is going to be a GREAT christmas mom!!! Really. I will miss you all though!!!

An early birthday party!

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